DESIGNA is a Danish furniture and kitchen manufacturer, founded in 1992. Design, quality and a new way of thinking have been the foundation of the company from the beginning. DESIGNA is 100% Danish-owned, and we produce most of our products in our own modern factories in Kjellerup, Midtjylland. In addition to production, this is also where administration, distribution and showrooms are located. People are different, so we believe that kitchens should be, too. Therefore, a DESIGNA kitchen will almost always contain special details, created based on special requests. In our experience, it's ultimately the details that make the difference in whether or not you want to use your kitchen all the time and for all purposes. It's those details that make you feel at home every day. We also challenge old conventions, for instance with the launch of Bricks – a concept that challenges the traditional kitchen box thinking. Bricks allows you to put together modules in many sizes in whichever way you want. This is a big advantage if you're looking for a design that isn't 100% identical to your neighbour's.