• Getama

For almost 70 years, GETAMA Danmark A/S has produced furniture designed by the internally renowned Danish designer Hans J. Wegner. These pieces of furniture are known by their fine design, high quality and durability, and many consider them to be collector’s items. GETAMA also produces furniture designed by Nanna Ditzel, O&M, Friis & Moltke, among others.

GETAMA was founded in 1899 and specialized in seaweed mattresses back then. The company has kept up with the times, and today they produce a wide range of box and spring mattresses with many different headboards in a modern design.

GETAMA's theatre and auditorium seats are adapted to the hall or room in which they are mounted. This improves the seating comfort and gives a better view. You also hear better when your eyes are able to follow the scene. Sitting well, your body calms down, and you do not have to twist and turn in order to follow what is going on.