• Pandul

"The Pandul Collection of classic, modern lamps" is presented on the third floor

Pandul’' lamp collection is a smaller, carefully selected collection based on world wide exclusive rights to the production and sale of lamps by some very well-known Danish designers.

Architect Hans J. Wegner, sculptor Henning Koppel, professor, architect Jørgen Gammelgaard & industrial designer Erik Magnussen are all known and respected in many countries and on several continents.

The common thread in Pandul's collection is 1) that each lamp has a great, unique design as well as beautiful and high quality craftsmanship, 2) that the lamps are excellent for their primary purpose – to provide great, non-blinding lighting, and 3) that they have a special design quality that makes it difficult to tell if the design is 3 years or 3 decades old.

Although a number of more energy-saving lights have emerged, the fundamental principles of good lighting haven't changed through the years. Thus, our lamps work with modern LED light sources just as well as they previously did with old incandescent bulbs.