Ownership and organisation 

The Holger Kvist Foundation owns the building Frederiksgade 1 and Store Kongensgade 88, which together are referred to as the design house FREDERIKSGADE 1. All building and operational matters, as well as communication with the tenants regarding these matters, are managed via Ejendomsselskabet St. Kongensgade 88 by director Per Skousen. Phone number: +45 23 30 49 88, email address: skousen@webspeed.dk

The selection of artists/designers/manufacturers for potentially available tenancies in the design house is managed by the Chairman of the board of the Holger Kvist Foundation, Ingrid Heltberg Hjerresen, who – to a great extent – created the mission statement of the design house that the selection is based on. If you are interested in a showroom at FG1, please read more on the Join FG1 page.

The Holger Kvist Foundation also owns the furniture store nyt i bo on St. Kongensgade 88, as well as the furniture production unit made by nyt i bo. Via this production unit, nyt i bo is a part of the FG1 community.