Become a tenant

If you are a Danish/possibly Nordic designer or you work with Danish design products of high quality, and if you would like to become a part of our innovative community, we would like to hear from you.

There are several ways to become a part of FREDERIKSGADE 1:

  • As a regular tenant of a larger space
  • As a tenant subletting a space
  • As a sponsor of products contributing to the beauty of the house, i.e. flooring
  • As recipient of a grant allowing a periodic exhibition within the house

Contact us here.


We are constantly expanding the house...

It is a special vision of ours to rebuild the 5th floor, in order for the space to eventually be used by guest exhibitors, including new design talents.

This will allow new design talents, craftsmen and others working with Danish design to periodically showcase their work at FREDERIKSGADE 1 on favourable terms. This can be in connection to one or several grants awarded by the Holger Kvist Foundation.

It is also a vision of ours to open a design café in the basement of FREDERIKSGADE 1 in the summer of 2019. A café for everyone, but perhaps especially for those who are passionate about design.