Tenant profile in FREDERIKSGADE 1 (FG1):

Tenant/subletting tenant

  • works with Danish design products and can and will showcase these tangible products in the rented, open showrooms. Some tenants may differ from this by not having tangible products to showcase but rather working with immaterial design tasks that in other ways can contribute to value-creating initiatives/services for the F1 community as a whole.
  • contributes – through his/her products – to creating a unified whole with the other products in the house and on any given floor, also contributing to a high level of product diversity without colliding with other tenants' specific products.
  • can and will be positive and see opportunities instead of limitations, in regards to being a part of a united design house with an open environment where visitors walk through one showroom after the other, and where the goal – to a great extent – is to get as many relevant people/companies and institutions interested in FG1 as a design house.
  • can and will contribute with innovative initiatives in regards to production of unique products that directs focus on the product company, thus also directing focus on FG1 as a place where Danish design can be seen as one whole.
  • can and will contribute to a joint promotion of FREDERIKSGADE 1 – for example through social media, the website of the house, showing off colleague's showrooms, and through participating in 1 or 2 bigger annual joint events such as 3 days of design.
  • fits the chemistry of the unified whole of FG1/F1, and wants to both spar and collaborate with the other equal manufacturers and exhibitors about the mission of the house.
  • can and will contribute with competences and qualifications that strengthen the unified whole of the house and adds value to the group – both on a human level, but also on a creative and business level.
  • can and will share the responsibility of ensuring a good, trustworthy working environment in FG1.
  • runs a production company, unlike retail trade. By personal invitation, retail clients are welcome in the house.
  • can and will contribute a small amount of hours of voluntary work for FG1/F1.


You and your company can become a part of FREDERIKSGADE1 (FG1) in 3 different ways:

  • as a primary tenant by renting a larger space
  • as a tenant subletting a smaller part of a space in FG1 – per agreement with the chairman and one of the primary tenants.
  • as sponsor of a Danish design product (such as flooring or kitchens) for FG1. These sponsorships include – upon further agreement with the tenants and without any additional cost for either of the involved parties – the right to showcase your products in the house as a part of FG1, though without being involved in the internal interest group.

Examples of sponsors in FREDERIKSGADE 1:

3rd floor:    Wiking Gulve, Designa kitchen
4th floor:    Junckers Gulve, &SHUFL kitchen

Available spaces here. If you have any questions as a potential tenant, please contact:

Ingrid Heltberg Hjerresen
Chairman of the board

Holger Kvist Foundation
supports Danish design
and art including the
art of Danish furniture

Frederiksgade 1
1265 København K

email: info@frederiksgade-1.dk
phone number: +45 24 20 88 67